The Opportunity Center Committee’s major focus is to provide employment opportunity leads to PSGCNJ’s members. If you are looking to improve your skills and be the best job seeker you can be – the Opportunity Committee is a great place to start.

Committee Focus

  • Manages the collection and  distribution and/or access to incoming job leads to members
  • Builds viable relationships with key partners by engaging with the community
  • Enhances/improves the membership experience by developing and sharing ideas, suggestions and comments with other PSGCNJ committees.
  • Creates a data set for contacting employers, recruiters, networking groups and other resources within the local job market.


Members of this committee develop and use skills value by employers, such as:
  • Data collection and analysis skills
  • Research and evaluation skills
  • Communication skills and tools
  • Improve planning and project management skills
  • Social media skills

Meeting Dates

View the Calendar  to identify the next scheduled meeting.