2012 PSGCNJ Picnic at Colonial Park a Huge Success

By Cynthia Lewis
On Monday, June 11, the Professional Services Group of Central New Jersey members held its fourth annual PSGCNJ Picnic. The group met at the Knob Hill Pavilion, Colonial Park, in Somerset for food, fun, fellowship and networking.
Among the 65 in attendance, were Debbie Kull, One Stop Manager, Rick Peterson, PSG facilitator, PSG family members, colleagues from other PSGs and new networking friends. All gathered to celebrate the landings, successes and changes this year in the lives of our members and the organization.
There was plenty of food: hot dogs, hamburgers, vegan burgers, chicken… all made possible by member contributions. There was also a large variety of salads, vegetable and fruit platters, non-alcoholic beverages and desserts, desserts, desserts which reflected the skill and diversity of our group. Thanks go to our grill masters; Ellen, Carl and Alan for “slaving over a hot grill” on such a beautiful day.
Special thanks goes to the Programs & Networking Committee for their leadership in making this event possible. Kudos to Sonia Amanik , Alan Davide and all the other committee members for handling the promotion, flyers, shopping, games, logistics and scheduling of this event.
Rumor has it that Sonny P. and Frances C. were the undisputed champs of Scrabble. I also heard that Tony T. and Carl P. tried to hustle folks in a game of Texas Hold ‘Em but no one was going to play with those “professionals”.
I also talked to many of the participants to get their opinion of the Picnic. Here are some of their comments:
Greg R., “Great! Well attended. Lots of fun and food. It was fantastic. Great time had by all.”
Dirk G, “ I thought it was great. Good Food. Good Company.”
Kenya, “It promoted networking within the group and gave new insights to obtaining a job or new career.”
Mary Ellen Y (invited guest), “Good food. Great people. I felt welcomed.”
Vickie H, “Great people. Great food. Great conversation. Relaxing atmosphere.”
Charlotte B, “A lot of fun. I got to meet a lot of new people.”
They were not “faking it,” as you can tell from pictures from the event…

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