PSGCNJ has six active committees, not including Project Management, who works to plan, prepare meetings and activities for, and run the organization.  Our committees work together to enhance and improve your membership experience by developing and sharing ideas, suggestions and comments.

Benefits of joining a Committee

  • Improves self esteem – active participation and positive contribution gives sense of accomplishment
  • Improved networking – exposure to new and diverse group of people expands your circle of friends and network
  • It looks good on your LinkedIn profile.
  • Staying active – merchandise your volunteer work during an interview
  • Improved interviewing skills – helps boost your confidence and sharpens your mind
  • Maximized utilization of resources – such as advanced resume review and mock interviews
  • Keep your career skills active or even exercise new or rusty skills
  • Support the continuity of the organization itself
Every PSGCNJ member is encouraged to join a committee to bridge their employment gap, restore self-esteem, strengthen networking skills, and enhance and/or learn new skills while supporting the continuity of the organization. Which committee is right for you?