Instruction, training, scheduling and content development are the skills used by the Training Committee members.  Our members have access to valuable training services provided by the Training Committee.
  • Accelerated Career Training (ACT) is an intensive 2½ day program that provides skills, tools and techniques to navigate today’s competitive job market. Topics range from resume and cover letter writing, to using social media to find job opportunities.
  • Interactive Workshops that build and improve basic job skills and allows job seekers to put learnings into practice.

Committee Focus

  • Schedules classes and communicate with participants 
  • Prepares and presents new member orientation
  • Manages and presents Accelerated Career Training (ACT) to membership
  • Develops and presents advanced classes for membership, to provide a better understanding of the job search
  • Delivers Train-The-Trainer level instruction to presenters and other members


Members of this committee, develop and utilize skills valued by employers, such as:
  • Leadership and organizational Skills
  • Communications
  • Public speaking
  • Project management
  • Training content editing and writing
  • Social media

Meeting Dates

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