Getting Back On Your Feet

Student Financial Aid Increases:

ASAP, anyone with family members in college should contact the financial aid office and file a revised FAFSA. There may be financial aid immediately available if you file a revised FAFSA. Timing is very important because cut-off dates may apply and the pool of money may be finite. Also, private scholarships may have emergency resources available.

Unemployment Benefits Tips:

Where can I find out information and initiate a claim for unemployment benefits?
If you worked in New Jersey
If you worked in New York –

Researching Company Backgrounds:

  • Where can I research the background of companies?
  • Visit the company’s website
  • Google News for recent news stories
  • Use Reference USA and other databases offered by NJ’s public libraries over the Internet
    Use LinkedIn to find people currently employed there (or better yet, formerly employed there), and then use your LinkedIn network to request a dialog with that person (or even Google them elsewhere until you find a direct email address or phone number to call).
  • Visit  and

Retraining Tips:

Assistance Programs:

  • JCP&L offers heating assistance to low-income customers.
  • PSE&G program helps NJ customers pay heating / electric bills.
  • NJ Shares help pay electric &/or gas bills when suddenly in transition?

Housing/Rental Resources:

Nutritional Resources:

New Jersey Food Stamps (NJ SNAP)

Emergency Assistance:

P.S.E.&G., Inc. LIHEAP and USF Energy Assistance Programs, also known as Home and Energy Assistance Program-Heating & Cooling assistance to eligible residents, 800-510-3102

Catholic Charities, Diocese of Metuchen-Family Financial Stability Program Services-Emergency financial assistance.

NORWESCAP Housing and energy assistance.  350 Marshall St. Phillipsburg, NJ 08865
877-661-HELP or 908-454-4850