Why Should We Hire You?

By Candace WallerBusiness Team at Computer
This is a very straight-forward question; usually, it is not asked during an interview. When it comes to the response an Interviewer is looking for concerning this question, you have to understand that many other interview questions can be vague, but, this one is not one of them.
When an Interviewer asks you “Why should we hire you?” they want to know because they have some concerns about your application. In essence, they’re asking the applicant to help them out with the decision-making process, according to Abby Kohut, a.k.a., “Absolutely Abby,” a Corporate Recruiter for 16 years, who is well-known among professional service groups.
The other reason Interviewers may ask this question is because they want to know what differentiates you from other candidates. So, what’s the best way to answer this question?
A good answer
The best way to answer this question is to tell them why you are the best applicant. Tell them how you bring value to the position; explain what makes you the best candidate. You should also provide examples to illustrate why you are the best candidate. A good Challenge Action Result (CAR) story will help back up any statements you make about why you are the best applicant for the position.
A poor answer
The worst thing you could say is “I don’t know.” You have to provide an answer to this question. Any answer that offers some information is the right answer. There is really no wrong answer to this question, unless you answer it without providing proof, or give a response, that doesn’t differentiate you from the other applicants.
Abby Kohut, is author a book entitled, “Absolutely Abby’s 101 Job Search Secrets: A Corporate Recruiter Hands You the Keys to Your Job Search Success.” By her own count, Abby has helped more than 10,000 people get hired. In 2009, she started www.AbsolutelyAbby.com where she shares job tips with professionals.

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