A Tale of Two Résumés

By Barbara PeroneGretchen Gunn

Over the years, we’ve all rewritten our résumés countless times. But, nowadays it seems you need a traditional résumé and a web-based, or e-résumé, to post on various job boards.

The difference between the two is that a traditional (or paper) résumé focuses on content as well as individual design and appearance; while a web-based résumé limits content and has a simplistic design, devoid of any intricate layouts. (Actually, there is a third résumé style known as a scannable résumé, which contains plain text and keywords. It is meant to be scanned into a database so employers can quickly search for certain words or phrases pertaining to open positions.)

If you want to learn more about different résumé types, you might want to attend the next, free Wired4Hire job seekers’ meeting to be held at 6 p.m., Tuesday, May 21st, at the Hunterdon County Library, located at 314 Route 12 in Flemington.

For the next few months, Gretchen Gunn, Principal at MGD Services, Inc., will be making presentations about résumé styles at this and other monthly Wired4Hire meetings. For details about upcoming meetings, visit www.mgdservices.com.

After the May meeting concludes, Gun will set aside 30 minutes to meet privately with anyone who wants to either review his or her résumé or discuss specific job search strategies. To meet with Gunn, you must sign up, in advance, for the one-on-one session by sending an email to Julie Skorny at jskorny@mdgservices.com.

To register for the May Wired4Hire meeting call the library at 908.788.1434 or visit the library’s Event’s calendar at www.hclibrary.us.


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