Back to School or Back to Work?

PSGCNJ believes that transition is a time to improve your marketability. There are many online resources available to help you find either current openings or educational pathways that will help you position yourself for future possibilities.

Go back to work directly.
Although Robert Half, the world’s largest staffing firm, lists itself as the top online site to find employment, it also describes the benefits of other sites, most notably LinkedIn and CareerBuilder, as well as specialty sites like (for jobs paying over $100,000), and (if you have a technical background) in a post at:

According to an article published by Inc., the top job search engines are, as of May 2019, in order of relevance for employers (
US.Jobs (if you want to pay a membership fee to find gigs paid by the hour)

Go back to school to get to work.

Get back to work indirectly by going back to school virtually. Online sites can offer inexpensive and convenient ways to improve your skills and return to work more quickly. With optional certificates, in alphabetical order, online education options include: (now LinkedInLearning at
Microsoft Learn (

PSGCNJ offers monthly Accelerated Career Training workshops. These 2 1/2 day workshops cover self assessments, employment search tools, and how to network and target companies, prepare for different types of interviews, and use social media in your job search.

Or position yourself as a Subject Matter Expert by creating your own online class and posting it at:

Good luck out there!

—Debby Freeman