Bios Wanted!
By Maureen Koenen, Co-Chair, Marketing Committee
When an employer taps into the PSG Bio Database for potential applicants, they  view professional biographies of active members who have submitted a profile.  Writing a profile for the bio database may be an invaluable tool in your job  search, so please take a few moments to write your bio then submit it to the PSG  Bio committee.
Here are the four simple guidelines:

  1. Your bio should be 5-7 sentences
  2. Write your professional summary in the 3rd person (Do not use the word  “I”).
  3. Place the last 6 digits of your PSG ID at the beginning of your bio followed  by your desired job title. You can find the last 6 digits of your ID on the white plastic card you received from the One Stop Career Center when you  first signed up.
  4. Email your bio either to or

Following these four easy steps will ensure your bio being posted to the PSG Bio  Database.
Here’s a bio example: 846700 Operations Manager: Operation Manager with  proven expertise in daily workflow, scheduling, training, and staff development.  Team-builder, who has reduced turnover rate over 40%, saving considerable  overtime expenditures and hiring costs. Creator and organizer of training  programs that have resulted in increased productivity and positive recruitment  results. Provider of quality customer service and satisfaction that utilizes review  of staff, a judicious use of humor and a genuine concern for both client and  employees to increase motivation and achieve positive results.

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