Breathe new life into your job search

Matt LevyStrategies for longer-term jobseekers

By Matthew Levy

If you’ve been in the job market for three months, six months, nine months, even a year – you may be feeling frustrated, scared, concerned, discouraged, confused – or perhaps all of the these emotions. You’re probably asking yourself, “What am I doing wrong?” and “What should I be doing differently?” Getting no traction in your search can also affect your self-esteem and confidence.

You may also be struggling to answer interview questions like, “Why have you been out of work so long?” or “What have you been doing since you stopped working?”

You are not alone! The job market is still extremely challenging, and many qualified professionals are finding themselves in this situation.

But you CAN do better, and there ARE ways to accelerate your search!

Next Monday, December 1, Matt will share innovative strategies designed especially for the longer-term job seeker. He will breathe new life into your job search, using tips and techniques like:

– The Three A’s (attitude, activity and assertiveness)

– Re-evaluating your career direction and goals

– Innovative networking practices

– Advanced social media concepts

– Personal inventory (image and appearance)

– Refreshing your career documents

– And many more …

Where in the job search process are YOU getting bogged-down? Matt will zero-in on your barriers to success and get you moving again – so you can finally land the job of your dreams!

Matthew Levy is an HR Executive, career advisor, networking expert, keynote speaker and author.  He regularly gives speeches to networking groups and professional organizations on job search and career management topics.  He is also president of the Philadelphia Society of People & Strategy, a 300 person senior level HR professional organization.  Connect with him on LinkedIn to ask your career questions.

PSGCNJ’s general meeting takes place at the First United Methodist Church, located at 48 West High Street, Somerville.  Be sure to bring business cards, and be prepared to network.

Parking: Please refrain from parking in the church parking lot. • Free, unmetered parking is available on the church-side of West High Street and some of the side streets encircling the church. • Metered parking is available across the street, opposite the church, on West High Street and in municipal lots. A parking ticket in Somerville Borough costs $24, so please put enough coins in the meter! • Please do not park in the handicapped spaces in the church parking lot or driveway unless you have a wheelchair symbol placard or license plate. Avoid the private lot across the street from the church and the school lot down the block.

PSGCNJ general meetings are always free and open to the public. If you can’t make it to this meeting, then visit our website for information about upcoming events.

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