SPEAKER’S CORNER: Chris Curran’s 5 Tips to Overcoming the Job Search Blues

By Candace WallerChris Curran
Chris Curran shared useful tips for beating the job search blues and staying mentally focused in his workshop at the Aikman Center on October 15.
There is no denying that we are experiencing tough economic times: unemployment is still high (especially in New Jersey); the price of food and gas continues to fluctuate; and real estate is still struggling. Many people in the tri-state area continue to suffer the effects of Hurricane Sandy. Watching the news can make even the most optimistic person depressed.
But for those in career transition the importance of staying positive is critical. Focusing on the positive brings positive energy and people to our lives. For example, even if unemployment is at nine or ten percent, there are still at least 90 percent of people working. Looking at the positive side is a key to staying mentally motivated with your job search.
To build a positive attitude toward your job search:
1)      Master the Art of Visualization
Make time to write down your dream job, no matter how off the wall it seems. After doing this, close your eyes and visualize yourself doing that job. The first step to achieving a goal is to see yourself doing the job and living the life you want. This exercise should be done for at least five minutes every day.
We think in pictures not words; without pictures there is confusion. Create a collage of the job or the life you want to obtain. This exercise will help you take steps to achieving what you visualize by making your goals more real.
Aspects of our dream job can often be found in related fields. Perhaps your dream of being an actor; this could mean that you are attracted to positions that emphasize creativity and public speaking.
2) Master the Art of Positive Thinking
Focusing on negative statistics becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Thoughts influence our feelings through the subconscious thus effecting our actions. You must reject negative thoughts. People who think that everything around them is horrible, convey that in their lives. Even in a bad economy there are more people working than not. When those negative thoughts pop into your head, chase them away with positive thinking.
Hiring managers want to hire positive, enthusiastic and qualified people. When you go into the interview think of the positive things that you could do for the company and remember you were called in for an interview because the hiring manager saw you as a possible fit.
3) Master the Art of Meditation
Meditating is blocking out all other thoughts and focusing on one particular thought. Some people think of prayer as a form of meditation. Everyone needs time to recharge their lives. The motivation to achieve your  goals starts with your thoughts. People who visualize doing something through meditation have a greater chance of accomplishing that goal.
4) Master the Art of Using Conception of the Brain
There are six mental faculties or “mental muscles” that we humans have as tools: perception, will, imagination, memory, intuition, and reason. Most people have weak mental muscles and don’t use all their mental tools to achieve their goals. It is your subconscious that controls your results in life, not your conscious mind. We can use our imagination and intuition to positively influence our perception and reasoning. Job seekers should make it a habit to use their mental muscles to create new career opportunities for themselves.
5) Master the Art of Positive Talk
We have to be our own cheerleaders. Verbally expressing positive thoughts and actions can change your outlook and attitude about your job situation. Get into the practice of giving yourself a pep talk each day before leaving the house. Even telling yourself that you will meet someone who will help you find a job will make you more perceptive to those opportunities.
Don’t limit positive conversations to your personal daily pep talk. Make it the norm to speak positively when interacting with others. We all—including hiring managers—like to be around positive people.
Chris Curran is the author “Leap Beyond Your Limits: How to Command and Rule Your Own Future.” The owner of Goal Ability, he is available for speaking engagements, seminars and one-on-one coaching. Chris can be reached through his website at www.goalability.com, by phone at 973-206-2309, or email at info@goalability.com.
Photo Credit: Candace Waller.

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