COMMITTEE SPOTLIGHT: In Memoriam: Chris Dydo

By Cynde Lewis
Chris Dydo’s business card read: “The Data Whisperer. When good data goes bad, I’m the one to call,” she was so much more than that. A dear, sweet woman, Chris went out of her way to help and make our “transition” journey a little easier. Here are reflections from those who knew Chris well and others who met her in passing:
“Chris was one of the funniest, brightest women I have known. I worked with her on revising and streamlining the registration process for the PSGCNJ training classes. She was the first techy I met who really appreciated and listened to input from non-techy types. She loved working with data and made working with it fun. I will treasure the few months that I got to work with her. Her bright and funny spirit will be sorely missed.” (Mary M.)
“Chris was invaluable to the Opportunity Center Committee. She worked tirelessly with us and the Membership Committee, to improve the processes and Access databases that we used.” (Sarah D.)
“She was such a great co-volunteer and colleague, and treated her work on the Opportunity Center data base as if it was her ‘real’ job. She always followed through and went the extra mile. Not only that, she had a sense of humor and I counted her as a friend.” (Bruce B.)
“Chris made a significant contribution to the Training Committee by taking our registration process to the next level. She made it possible for students to register on the website and gave us an improved visibility to training statistics. The thing to note was her unending willingness to help everyone. She will certainly be missed.” (Lori M.)
“Dedicated, with a quick wit and a dry sense of humor, Chris always had a comeback. She was very caring and a great teacher, always willing to share her knowledge with others. I miss her.” (Dirk G.)
“Chris had a quirky sense of humor. She was the only person to ever compliment my legs. I wore shorts once to the general meeting. Some people were teasing me, but Chris stuck up for me, saying, ‘If I had legs like yours, I’d wear shorts too!’ LOL. Every time I thought about her comment that day it made me smile. Thanks, Chris and R.I.P.” (Laura F.)
“Chris set me up on my Yahoo account and was very patient with me. There were many times that she would be at the DOL office and we would talk about our Catholic education, being taught by the nuns, how they would discipline us by hitting our hands with the ruler or making us kneel down on the wooden floors for hours. God Rest her tender soul.” (Alan D.)
“Chris was a kind person who was willing to take her time to teach me new things using Access and the database. I only knew her a short time but know she touched many of us at PSGCNJ.” (Debbie H.)
Editor’s Note: Chris has been named an Emeritus Member of PSGCNJ.

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