Committee Spotlight: Opportunity Center – Bio Blast Your Way to a Job Lead

By Julius Alberici
The PSGCNJ Bio Blast helps members get job leads. On the first Thursday of each month, members’ bios are blasted to over 500 companies, many of which then interview PSGCNJ members.
Pamela Williams described her Bio Blast experience: “I got an interview with a company that I would not have found otherwise. Their HR person said that she always uses the PSGCNJ bio blast to find candidates. I found another job in the interim, but this was a welcome and good job lead and really boosted my morale.”
As the lottery advertises, “you’ve got to be in it to win it.” You can’t get a lead if you don’t submit your bio to Bio Blast. Here’s how to do it:
1. Guidelines for submitting your biography:
 Your bio should be five to seven sentences in length.
 Use the third person, not “I,” when writing your professional summary.
 Start your bio with the last six digits of your PSGCNJ ID# (located on your One Stop Career white plastic card) followed by your desired job title.
 E-Mail your bio to
2. After receiving your bio, the Membership Committee enters your information in the appropriate file and sends you an email confirmation. The first few sentences of your bio will appear in the right column of the General Session sign-in sheet. If your bio area is blank, follow up with the Membership Committee.
3. If you want to review or edit your bio, send an E-Mail to They will send you a copy of your original bio or replace the old version with a new version based on your E-Mail request.
4. If an employer receives the bio blast and is interested in getting more information from you, they will request that the Opportunity Center ask you to contact them, using your six digit ID. Requests from employers for additional information will be sent to the individual PSGCNJ member, with information on how and whom to contact.
In order to take advantage of every possible resource in landing a position, make certain you have a strong, up-to-date bio on file so you can start getting those job leads!
Following is a sample Bio Blast biography:
861200 Marketing Manager: Experienced manager with a strong background in product management and international marketing. Leader and team contributor in all areas of the marketing industries. Demonstrated interpersonal, communications, and organizational skills. Played key role in the setting up of a start-up global association to go from zero revenues to $500M in revenues in 5 years. Knowledgeable in telecommunications, non-profit, healthcare industries, and opened to management and consulting assignments in most industries.

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