COMMITTEE SPOTLIGHT – Programs and Networking – Alumni Night Recap

By Rick Verbanas
Someday soon… we ALL wish to be PSGCNJ Alumni. In the meantime, 43 current members of PSGCNJ were happy to reconnect with former members -affectionately referred to as “Alumni” -at Willie McBride’s in Branchburg on Tuesday, October 18th .
”Alumni Night” was hosted by the Programs and Networking Committee and set a record in alumni attendance. An impressive 23 former PSGCNJers returned to mingle, enjoy food and drink, and network with old and new friends. Laura Fields, co-chair of Alumni Night -and a recent addition to the envious “Alumni” status herself -acknowledges the entire group. “This is the best attended Alumni event to date, and a lot of credit goes to current members for reaching out to their former colleagues and extending personal invitations.”
In addition to past and present members of PSGCNJ attending, a handful of members of the PSG of New Brunswick came to network and look for ways our organizations could collaberate on future events. In total, 70 attendees came out for this event.
Several aluminst were invited to take stage and share with everyone how they landed. While each story was different, the theme was perseverance, staying active and keeping a positive attitude.
In fact, some alumni were only hours in to their new role. David Rathbun, Co-Chair of the PSGCNJ Technology Committee, announced he landed a new job in his field, as an IT Help Desk Manager. -Chair of the PSGCNJ Technology Committee, announced he landed a new job in his field, as an IT Help Desk Manager.
”I want to thank everyone for their support. A lot of the stuff I learned with PSG helped me in the interview,” Rathbun shared.
Alan Davide, one of the Programs and Networking Committee members, provided homemade deserts which were as delicious as they were beautifully displayed. He also created several gift baskets which were given away as door prizes. He was acknowledged for all his hard work helping organize the event and asked to give a few words at the end of the night.
“I put my heart and soul into this event and I’m very glad everyone enjoyed themselves,” he told the crowd.
Will the Programs and Networking Committee be able to top this event next year? Perhaps we will all find out as we return as alumnus ourselves.

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