By Kenneth Hitchner
The PSGCNJ Career Center today launched its centerpiece, which will make it easier and more convenient for employers and recruiters to hire our members.
The PSGCNJ Talent Network is a web-based product that means members are now only three clicks away from their next job.
The Career Center now offers employers two options to find and contact the organization’s talented professionals:

  • Employers can visit the website ( and click on the “Talent Network” button in the left-hand column. Then, they can click on one of eight job categories to start scanning the member profiles. Finally, when employers are intrigued by a specific profile, they can click on the associated email and send a message directly to the member.
  • To save more time, employers can email a job lead to our Community Consultants at The Community Consultants, along with our Search Consultants, will work to find the member(s) that would be a strong fit—and quickly respond to the employer, increasing the chance of generating an interview.

In the coming weeks, the Career Center will launch a massive marketing campaign to 6,300 employers and recruiters within the six counties of Central New Jersey. The campaign’s goal is to create brand awareness for the organization, its talent and the new online tool.
The Talent Network is for members only. To be a member, you must fulfill four requirements:
1) Complete the Job-Search Bootcamp, which is a five-day training program that prepares job-seekers for today’s job market
2) Join a PSGCNJ committee and obtain a job title
3) Contribute at least three hours per week toward the group’s initiatives
4) Attend at least one General Membership meeting per month.
The Talent Network would have not been possible without the tireless contributions of several volunteers: Luann Ladley, Dana Vavrova, Dirk Graham, Bill Dearborn, Annabelle Suarez, Brian Roman, and Jeffery Douglass. This team of talented professionals built the network from scratch, needing only 40 days to launch.

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