COMMITTEE SPOTLIGHT: Sikora, Pierson Honored With ‘Emeritus’ Status

By Ken Hitchner
Two PSGCNJ members recently received “Emeritus” status for their tireless efforts to further the organization’s mission.
In December, PSGCNJ Co-Chairs honored Stanley Sikora (Training Committee) and Bruce Pierson (Technology Committee), adding both members to the list of individuals who took their volunteer efforts to new heights.
As a lead trainer, Stanley worked double training shifts to greatly reduce the wait time for incoming members in New Brunswick and Somerville. With the help of others, he also rewrote the five-day training curriculum and taught other trainers to create a top-notch program for PSGCNJ members.
During his string of part-time jobs, Stanley always made sure that he had Monday’s off so he could train. Even when he began his new position on Nov. 29, 2011, he insisted starting on a Tuesday so he could be available to train one last time and transition his Monday team properly.
Since 2009, Bruce has worked six hours per week to ensure that our guest speakers are video-recorded at the PSGCNJ General Membership meetings. In addition to the set-up and recording, he would edit the film, convert the raw files into MP4 files and upload it to the server. He would also burn DVDs for our guest speaker and the PSGCNJ library collection.
Although he no longer records the meetings, Bruce still is responsible for the edits, file conversions and disc production. Thanks to his efforts, members are able to go to and replay any presentation that they may have missed.

  • Craig Uthe, co-founder
  • Steve Connelly, co-founder
  •  Daniel Montone, co-founder
  • James Howard, co-founder
  • Ellen Pinney, co-founder
  • Scott Percival, co-founder
  • Brian Parish
  • Bruce Pierson
  • Stanley Sikora
  • Alan C. Wirsul


  • Nancy Minoldi

Deborah Lochli McGrath

  • Luann Ladley
  • James Bradley
  • George Speros Maniatty, Jr.
  • Judy Miao
  • Pablo Cornejo
  • Sonia J. Amanik
  • Gary Alpaugh
  • Chris Dydo (posthumous appointment)

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