COMMITTEE SPOTLIGHTS: Volunteering – How About a Hand?

By Carolyn Moody
Yeah! 2010 is finally over. With the new year comes the promise of a new beginning. Maybe you have decided to go through your closet and give away your outdated clothes, tackle the clutter that has accumulated in the attic, or clean and organize the dreaded basement. Perhaps you have made the commitment to eat healthier and exercise regularly. However, the task that is first and foremost on our agenda is to become part of the work force. But while you are waiting with baited breath to land that dream job, I challenge you to step outside of yourself and volunteer for one of the committees. Attending the Monday meeting can be a great morale booster and motivational tool, but joining a committee gives you the opportunity to hone your talents or develop new skills.
Now you may ask yourself, “What talents do I have to offer?” I asked myself that same question when I began volunteering ten years ago in my community. I’m not technically savvy or artistically inclined. After being home for many years with my children, what was my claim to fame? What could I bring to the table? Plenty! That’s what. My top three contenders on the talent roster: I love to talk, I love to listen, and I embrace my inner child. In other words, I love to play games. Those three talents led me to volunteer at church as a religious education instructor, and the same three talents take me to the nursing home to spend time with the elderly. I was even able to parlay my volunteering talents into a paying position as a playground assistant.
I chose to support the Marketing Committee and spread the word about the benefits the PSG group has to offer. This is an opportunity not to be missed. At the next Monday meeting, take a tour of the committees and chat with some of the members. Perhaps you will discover a long hidden talent or resurrect a skill that hasn’t seen the light of day in quite some time. Whatever your level of expertise, join a group, shake a hand and lend your support. Why not pay it forward? I guarantee you will receive the same in return.

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