CONSULTING TIPS: Applying the ‘50% Rule’ to Your Job Search

By George Hunter
I used to have to travel a lot for work when my kids were young. I made a promise to myself and my family I would never miss being home with them on a Saturday morning. Sometimes, I’d need to make it home by the “50% Rule.”
For example, I was in San Francisco and a snowstorm hit home in New Jersey, wreaking havoc with the cross-country flights. Everyone else surrendered being stuck in San Francisco, or sat around the airport in hopes of getting back east via standby. I hopped on a flight to Chicago – 50% of the way home, and then took a flight from Chicago to DC (another 50%) and from there I took a train to Philly. In Philly, I rented a car and was home by Saturday morning when my kids woke up.
You may want to consider the same approach to your job search. Instead of thinking “all or nothing,” go for 50%.
Look at your talents and see how you can break down what you have to offer into individual segments. Search for companies that need your skills and apply for contract work – something that will cover 20 hours, half a full-time week. Now, keep on pitching for the next 50%. Let’s say you get ten more hours in contract work for another client – now you just have ten more to go. Keep it up.
If I get even 10% more before I land that other 50%, I look at it as I’m still making more than twice unemployment and I’m on my way.
Try it yourself. It will help you find the rest – people will listen, and they’ll like your chutzpah. The 50% Rule allows you to make your goal manageable, attainable, and in your grasp.
If it works, and you strive for success, perhaps one of these will become 100% – full time! If not, you’ll still have one heck of a good consultation practice with quite a few clients.

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