HIRED LEARNING: Debbie Hixson’s Targeted Search Leads to Landing

By Frances ChavesDebbie Hixson
Debbie Hixson started at the Bridgeway Senior Healthcare, Hillsborough, as Human Resource Assistant on March 11. 
During her eight week search, Debbie focused on a list of target companies, cold calling them and searching their websites regularly for positions. She also searched LinkedIn for possible contacts. 
The position was listed on careerbuilder.com. Debbie applied online and immediately faxed her resume directly to the hiring manager whose name and number were on the job description. “I was told they turned off the ad after receiving 250 resumes.  I had also faxed my resume directly and feel that helped bring me to the top of the pile!”
The hiring process was very quick. “I was ready to call (the hiring manager) within minutes of being contacted to schedule an interview.  A first interview on March 1 led to a second interview on March 6 to meet the Administrator.  After the interview, I waited while they met privately.  Within 15 minutes I was invited back and offered the position at a slightly higher rate than I requested.  They had me start within five days—even before the orientation was scheduled.”
Through her transition, Debbie worked with the Membership Committee: “PSGCNJ has been a great support between my temp positions, keeping me focused and “working” as a volunteer. Meeting and talking to people with diverse backgrounds helped keep me motivated.  I treated PSGCNJ as a job to learn new skills and expand my network.  The PSGCNJ group brought my job search skills up to date.”
Through her work on the Membership Committee, Debbie was able to learn more about data entry and access programs, skills she uses daily in her new job.  The customer service skills she acquired doing committee work are also serving her well.
Debbie’s advice to job-seekers: “Keep networking, cold calling companies and searching your target company websites routinely.  If the job ad gives the contact name and phone number, use it to call them a few days after you submit a resume.  If there is a fax number, use it to submit your cover letter and resume.  Keep in contact with the person.”

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