Do you want to IMPROV your chances of acing an interview?

Have you ever been stumped in an interview and not known how to answer a question that the interviewer has posed?

If you’ve had that situation occur – and who hasn’t – you may want to take the IMPROV and Advanced IMPROV classes offered by PSGCNJ, says Marguerite Corazza, Training Committee Director.

According to Corazza, learning to improvise and listen to the interviewer’s words and questions are critical to getting past a momentary brain freeze when a tough or unexpected question is asked.

Often, she notes, job candidates may become overwhelmed during an interview when a hiring manager or a panel of interviewers fire questions, and possibly overthink their answers.

“The IMPROV classes help you to get past your overthinking, and really focus on identifying and curing some of the judgments we have going on in our heads,” explains Corazza. In fact, these courses taught her how important it is to “be in the moment and be authentic” with the person interviewing you. “You must listen to the cues and clues that the interviewer is giving you,” she stresses.

The IMPROV classes delivered by Victor Manga for a nominal fee ($10.00) run approximately 2.5 hours and help job-seekers to feel more comfortable and confident when put on the spot during an interview. Half of the course fee is donated to First United Methodist Church and the other half goes to PSGCNJ, Corazza says.

All members must take the Accelerated Career Training three-day course offered monthly by the Training Committee before being eligible for advanced courses, such as IMPROV. To register for advanced classes or request a mock interview, email: Also, see the Training Calendar for more details on upcoming ACT or IMPROV classes.

– Michael Olohan

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