TIPS: Dr. Veronica Recommends Writing Your Way to a Job

By Frances ChavesVeronicaAndersonMD
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Dr. Veronica has spoken at PSGCNJ and is offering a series of informative webinars.  The March 7 presentation was titled “From Crappy to Happy.” Among a number of great ideas for keeping a positive attitude through your transition (e.g. repeat the affirmation: There is a divine right job for me), Dr. Veronica recommends writing as the best way to establish your brand, visibility and credibility.
If you have not written before, do it at first for free. Dr. Veronica is looking for guest bloggers on entrepreneurship, health & wellness, and for her radio show. You can also use the following sites for free-lance writing assignments:

You can write:

  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Ebooks
  • White papers
  • Web copy
  • Sales copy
  • Ghostwriting

Write a book for yourself or about yourself. Topics to write about include:

  • Teach someone exactly how to do something
  • Something based on your experience
  • Your career
  • Your hobby
  • Relationships

Publishing options include major publishing houses, hybrid publishers and self-publishing.  Unless you land a contract with one of the majors, for your book to be a success, you will have to do 99% of the marketing.
Before you write a word, know your audience. A book that is targeted at “everybody” is sure to fail.
You don’t even have to write your own book. You can hire your own ghost-writer. Companies like Elance and Odesk can do all the tasks of producing your book other than the writing.
Dr. Veronica recommends hiring a writing coach, specifically Randy Peyser who participated in the webinar.  Randy has launched 30 New York Times bestsellers.  Nineteen of her clients are under contract now with literary agents or publishers Randy found for them. Book agents troll her Author One Stop Facebook page for new authors.
One Stop Author
Randy Peyser, principal at One Stop Author recommends the following:

  • Ask yourself, is the book you want to write the book that others will want to read? 
  • Publishers will want to know the size of the author’s platform and their reach. How large is their social media list? Where have they spoken within the last 12 months and how large is their audience? The people who get the book deals have the numbers.
  • Build your online presence by contributing to guest blog spots in the area that you are claiming as your expertise.
  • Get a Facebook fan page.
  • Present yourself as a professional.
  • Define your target niche. Who is your Homer Simpson? What makes you uniquely who they want to listen to? Who is your tribe? Think “Chicken Soup for the Soul” books.
  • As you develop yourself as an author, develop credibility for yourself as an author by being Google-able and visible.
  • Use keywords in your online presence.

How to write a “how to” book:

  1. The first three chapters cover training for beginners
  2. The second three chapters cover intermediate training
  3. The third three chapters cover advanced training
  4. Last chapter is where to go to get more training

Steps to a finished book:

  • Speak it instead of writing it. Record and then transcribe your book.
  • Send your manuscript to Elance or Edesk for editing.
  • Revise and review.
  • Send to for final editing.
  • Get an ISBN number from Bowker.
  • Use a service for layout.
  • Use a service for design.
  • Publish.

Randy provides strategy sessions and coaches novice authors through the entire publishing process. She also sells templates for writing book proposals for major publishers. Her author coaching package is $300.
Dr. Veronica Anderson is Managing Partner of Medicine World Enterprises, LLC, and Host-Wellness for the REAL World. Mother, surgeon, speaker, and healer: no matter the role, this dynamic physician is on a globe-trotting mission to promote health and wellness. Connect with Dr. Veronica through her website or by phone at 800-772-8624. Her email address is

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