Free Training at RVCC for Part Time Jersey Workers

By a PSGCNJ Contributorrvcc
If you work at least 20 hours a week for a New Jersey company, and you can document your employment, you will be eligible to take some free training courses at Raritan Valley Community College (RVCC) this fall.
The following courses will be available in the fall and during every semester at the college.
Basic Communications, verbal & written (12 hours)
Students attending this class will learn the importance of good verbal, listening, and written communications skills in the workplace. This course includes demonstrations of the various kinds of personal communication styles that people use; it includes how customers receive and interpret information.
Basic Mathematics (16 hours)
The Instructor will assess the math skills of participants and, after that, will develop/deliver a prescriptive plan towards basic/practical math requirements.
English as a Second Language (ESL), Level 1 (40 hours)
If you are unable to use proper English to express basic thoughts, or form complete sentences, then this course is for you. However, students who attend this class should at least be literate in their own native language and have some fluency in the use of the alphabet to associate sounds with symbols. They must also be able to understand a certain amount of individual English words & phrases. For further details about this course call 908.218.8871.
Basic Microsoft (MS) Excel 2010 (8 hours)
In this course, students will learn how to add graphics and change formatting in MS Word.. They will also learn how to create/modify: spreadsheets, formulas, and text.
Intermediate MS Excel 2010 (8 hours)
Pupils in this class will learn how to perform the more complex functions associated with spreadsheets, such as: creating charts, linking worksheets, and adding pictures.
MS Outlook (8 hours)
Attendees of this class will received training in the proper use of e-mailing, including: sending/receiving/replying to, or deleting messages, opening/closing attachments, and disposing of junk email, also known as Spam.
PC Windows (8 hours)
In this class, pupils will learn about a PC’s components and its operations in an MS Windows environment. Instruction will include proper start-up and shut-down procedures, learning how to run application programs, as well as managing, organizing, and printing files.
MS PowerPoint (8 hours)
The Instructor will teach students how to create professional: presentations, slides, and handouts that are both attractive and interesting.
Basic MS Word 2010 (8 hours)
In this course, students will learn how to create documents and manage/edit/format text in MS Word 2010. They will also learn how to proofread and print files.
Intermediate MS Word 2010 (8 hours)
Pupils who take this class will be able to expand their knowledge of MS Word Basic by learning how to create/manage outlines, format tables, print labels, & envelopes.
To register for any one of these free course, first, you must complete and NJBIA registration form, available at For more information about these courses, call 908.218.8871or visit Click on the Free Training link or click on the Customized Corporate Training link.

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