Funny YouTube video helps “Extreme Job Hunter” land job

MP900387278By Suzy Kedzierski

Success at last for Dan Conway, the self-proclaimed “Extreme Job Hunter.”

Recently, Vitamins Directly, a Florida-based firm, hired Conway, 28, to be their Social Media Manager after watching a two-minute YouTube video they asked him to produce. The company found Conway’s funny video to be different from the rest because his wasn’t boring.

And boring is one thing Conway is not. After being “made redundant” six times in his young career, the UK-based advertising and social media professional, who had been out of work for a year and a half, turned to a range of creative/bizarre, tactics in hopes of being noticed and hired.

One of his more creative attempts involved standing along a busy roadway dressed as Batman®, holding up a sign that read, “HELP ME FIGHT EVIL UNEMPLOYMENT. WILL WORK FOR A JOB.”

In hopes of securing an interview, he once sent a pizza box to a potential employer with a hand-written message scrawled inside the box lid. In one of his most bizarre stunts, he entered the World Gravy Wrestling Championship for the publicity. (In case you’re unfamiliar with this kind of wrestling, two guys go mano a mano in a pit filled with, yup, gravy.)

To read the full text of the article I wrote about Dan Conway, the “Extreme Job Hunter,” please visit my website To watch Dan’s video go to and enter Extreme Job Hunter.

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