Guest Editorial: PSGCNJ Will Transition to Success

By Rick Verbanas, Web Editor
Like many of you reading this, the Professional Services Group is in transition.
For thousands of unemployed people, PSG was an excellent source for training, learning, networking, keeping skills sharp and learning new ones. If you are anything like me, you may feel like you were “laid off” when the New Jersey Department of Labor decided to close all PSGs as of May 25th. The uneasy feelings you may have experienced when you parted from your last company may have resurfaced. Perhaps, even, you experienced some of the five stages of grief similar to when one loses a job: denial, anger, bargaining, sadness and acceptance. And, now, as we wait to see what the new “Jersey Job Clubs” will provide (and how it compares to PSGCNJ), there may be that same “limbo” feeling which comes when in transition.
Transition is part or life and everything changes. We all know this. Often, change brings about new opportunities and life lessons we may not otherwise experience, if it were not thrust upon us.
In regards to PSGCNJ, there are some changes on the horizon. Whether or not we fully embrace the Jersey Job Clubs come July, there are many changes in store; general meeting location, committee responsibilities, by-laws, and much more. Change may be for the better.
Take this newsletter, for example. When I was serving my first stint with PSGCNJ, I spearheaded getting the newsletter started. The Marketing Committee worked hard to build the framework, processes and content. The first issue (June 2010), went to press right before I left to start my new position. Fast forward two years later, here I am with my second stint with PSGCNJ, working alongside many volunteers to usher in the new electronic format for the newsletter. It was built on the hard work of the teams before it, and has been improved for everyone to enjoy. In this case, change is good.
If you really think about it, PSG has always been about change … as members continuously land and are replaced by new faces. Perhaps some of you will not be part of what comes next. But, I believe the spirit of PSGCNJ will continue, no matter the format. I believe the hard work by the people who went before will be carried on by people who are dedicated to seeing the principals of PSGCNJ through.
Stay tuned. Stay positive. Stay focused. Change is thrust upon us, but we will all “Transition to Success.”
Rick Verbanas

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