Healthy, Wealthy & Wise

By Rob Wederich
Monthly Proverb
My eldest daughter used to be quite the pessimist. I think she actually preferred  this state of mind, i.e., one of those “pessimistic and proud of it” people.  Everything was doom and gloom, she would almost never smile, and black was  her favorite color. One day I found a proverb inside a beverage bottle cap and  shared it with her. She smiled! Almost immediately her outlook on life became  more light-hearted and optimistic, as did her wardrobe. The proverb inside the  bottle cap simply read:
“No use being pessimistic… It wouldn’t work anyway.”
On A Lighter Note
Q:  What has four legs and one arm?
A:  A Rottweiler
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Money Matters
Money-saving tips to help make ends meet.
Disclaimer: We are NOT financial or legal experts. We are merely sharing ideas for you to consider. Furthermore, not every tip may be applicable or useful to every individual. Please keep in mind that while the internet can be a great place to do business and find bargains, always remain alert of scams and disreputable people who pose a threat.

  • Contact your car insurance company. Tell them you now commute zero miles. Some companies issue a surcharge for lengthy commutes. A review  of your auto insurance policy may yield additional savings; e.g., if you  have an older car of little value, consider eliminating or reducing collision  coverage, etc.
  • Obtain Free Gym Membership. Keeping fit and healthy can help eliminate  stress and visits to the doctor’s office, so, think about joining a gym.  Some YMCA’s and YWCA’s offer free memberships to the unemployed.  Some even extend the free membership to families. Check with your local  Y.
  • Enjoy Free Entertainment. After a long hard day of marketing yourself and  searching for work, consider visiting your local library for entertainment. Some libraries lend DVD’s and CD’s at little or no charge to you.
  • Call Long-Distance for Free. Do you know you can make long distance calls  for free on your PC using SKYPE! You can even make free tele-video calls  if you have a webcam on your PC or MAC. Visit for more  info.
  • Shop for Less. Web-shopping. Many items and services can be purchased  from online sites (e.g., for a fraction of what you’d pay in a  store. CAUTION: Some internet sites are rip-offs, so, before making an online purchase, be sure to check with friends, family, and consumer protection sources  as to which sites are trustworthy. Before making any purchase, be sure to  investigate the return policy of a web-site in case you are unhappy with the  merchandise.
  •  Get Free Stuff. Websites such as and list items  that other individuals want to unload or donate. You just have to arrange to pick them up.
  • Make A Sale. Got extra stuff you want to turn into money? Consider  selling your goods online via websites such as e-Bay.
  • Eat Healthier for Less. Eat-in. Home-cooked meals, especially prepared  from scratch, are typically healthier and less costly than eating out. Don’t like to cook too often? Try preparing a large meal and freezing or canning  the leftovers. One large meal will net you several days of healthy home- cooked meals which only need to be reheated or micro-waved.  Have a good money-saving tip? Please submit to: for  consideration.

Health Note
Thirst Quencher. Stay healthy during your job transition. If you like soda but not  the sugar, calories and caffeine that come with it try switching to seltzer water  with a squeeze of lemon or lime. It’s much healthier than soda, but still has that  exciting fizz. If you can do without the fizz, plain water with lemon or lime is  even better.

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