HELPFUL TIPS: Emurse Your Résumé Online

By Sonia Vera
You probably have many versions of your résumé on your hard drive. You may modify the format or customize the content for each job application. Perhaps you have an online portfolio or a blog and would like to add a link to connect your latest résumé.
Simplify résumé management by diving into Emurse at This useful AOL branded website helps with writing and sharing your résumé and allows you to create up to ten résumés for free. The process is simple:

  • Enter your personal information and manage the sections you want displayed on your résumé.
  • Arrange the order of these sections to your liking.
  • Change your résumé’s format by clicking your mouse, choosing from ten different versions: classic, elegant, crisp or modern.
  • There is a link for providing your résumé in rich text format or PDF.
  • A word cloud option is available to ensure that your résumé contains the necessary key words.
  • Specialty options are provided for websites and blogs.
  • Badges and email signatures can be cut and pasted into your blogs, websites, and email clients.
  • A summary profile collects valuable information for future employers at your discretion.
  • There is an option to publicly display your résumé.
  • You can provide hiring managers with information about your job preferences, work authorization, and connections to your LinkedIn account and other social media sites.
  • You can download your résumés to your hard drive in several formats, allowing you to continue tweaking them.

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