HELPFUL TIPS: Find Your Next Job on Twitter

By Ken Hitchner
Twitter is an online networking event. So, join the party and find your next opportunity. You may start by creating an account at
But first, here are a few tips about the culture:
Be real and authentic. When you open your Twitter account, use your real name and post a current headshot. All your posts should be professional, but that doesn’t mean they all should be about a profession. Make sure about 25 percent of your posts highlight your personal interests. Which sports teams to you support? Any hobbies? Are you passionate about a specific charity? Remember, people do business with people that they like. Your Twitter bio and postings should portray yourself as a human being – not as another spoke in the wheel. (This isn’t LinkedIn.)
Be valuable. The name of the game is not to look younger, but to look “fresh” or current in your field. Build yourself into an expert in your own niche, and offer your followers some insight based on your past experiences. Create a “guru” network, which is a group of people who know a lot more about a specific topic than you do. This resource will force you to stay on top of your game.
Be helpful. Always look for opportunities to interact with your followers. Ask questions and give answers, recommendations and feedback. Always check your @mentions and messages to see who is trying to interact with you.
What you can do: To help with your job search, use keywords and hashtags (#) to find people or organizations in your specific field. Start following your target companies in your marketing plan.

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