HELPFUL TIPS: The Multiple Stages & Challenges of Successful Transitioning

By Kanwal Minhas
Are you not receiving interviews or are you receiving interviews, but not landing? What is going on? Each stage of transitioning to success has its own hurdles.
First Step: You are dropped into transition that is traumatic and can lead to anger, and depression. No matter the reason for your current situation, getting back on your feet requires turning negative feelings into positives. A multitude of resources are available to assist you. Start by Googling “PSGCNJ” or “networking NJ.”
Second Step: How do you navigate the resume maze and create an attention- grabbing product? PSGCNJ and Careers in Transition (CIT, a Short Hills, N.J. networking organization) provide free, comprehensive resume reviews by human resources directors. Attend CIT to learn the latest trends are in resume writing.
Third Step: Start applying for jobs, using job boards, cold calls, informational interviews and networking. Have an action plan for each day of the week.
Fourth Step: What can you expect in an interview? Each interviewer has their own style and will ask questions not necessarily covered by blogs or career coaches. Tailor your presentation to your interviewer whether it’s a half-hour phone interview or an unfriendly panel of hiring managers. Learn to interpret their communication style, body language and know exactly what they are looking for. Fit your body language, communication style, energy level and knowledge base to the interviewer.
Be persistent, be focused and persevere. Avoid the BIG NEGATIVES: the demons within you, your environment or other individuals. Keep going whether it takes a month or two years. Remain positive. When something is not working, reach out to PSGCNJ colleagues for input. Ask questions and keep learning. Remember, transition to success is a journey to a destination, and life is a journey and not necessarily a destination.
Keep motivated and have FAITH IN YOURSELF.

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