HIRED LEARNING: Beatrice Barone – A Project is a Landing

By Frances Chavesbeatrice barrone
On November 13, 2012, Beatrice Barone landed a project working with NELSON as a Space Planner/CAFM & Space Strategist.  
Beatrice worked her job search, which lasted 15 months, on multiple platforms: “I had alerts set on more than 10 job boards. I kept in touch with past vendors, co-workers, recruiters, employers, friends, and networked through PSGCNJ and like avenues.  You have to spread yourself thin because you don’t know which avenue is going to give you that successful lead.”
A year before this job opportunity, NELSON’s HR recruiter found Beatrice on LinkedIn and contacted her about a job: “I politely told her that position was not in an area I was comfortable commuting to, gave her my preferred commute radius, and asked if she would please keep me in mind if they ever had a position open in my area.  One year later, she remembered me and emailed me the job description and details and asked if I was still in the market and if I would be interested in interviewing.” Beatrice interviewed with two hiring managers:  “They called and spoke to all my references.  An offer was made, and then I had to satisfy a background check and drug testing.”
Describing the role PSGCN played in her transition, Beatrice said: “PSGCNJ kept me motivated to do the things in my job search I was least comfortable with, like networking.  It was also great to be able to seek advice and share issues with people going through the same trials and tribulations. It helped me maintain my confidence level which I needed to perform and succeed in any position.”
Beatrice served on the Training and Marketing committees: “Committee work didn’t allow me to use my industry skills which are very task specific, for example, creating building layouts on Acad.  However it helped me utilize my basic administrative, computer and people skills, and kept my mind sharp, thinking in a work mode, rather than sitting at home with no focus on business issues.  Training helped strengthen and keep up the presentation and training skills required in my field. The Marketing and Events Committee gave me a new perspective, taught me some things outside my comfort zone, and also helped keep up my much needed interpersonal skills.”
Beatrice’s advice: “It’s difficult, but don’t let the negatives in your search weigh or keep you down.  If you get to the point, as I did, where something comes along that isn’t your ideal salary or situation—like not being permanent—but you have to take it out of necessity, don’t look at it as “only” a short term contract position, but rather, “A” short term contract position which will allow you to get up and go to work, utilize and sharpen up your skills, and make new contacts.”

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