HIRED LEARNING: CAR Stories Distinguish Denisha Rowe from the Competition

By Frances Chaves
Denisha Rowe landed as a Financial Sales Consultant with PNC Bank at the end of a two-month hiring process. She found the job opportunity while researching the bank’s website. Two weeks after filling out an online application, Denisha was interviewed on the phone by a recruiter. This led to a more formal interview by a panel at the corporate office, immediately followed by a one-one-one interview. Denisha feels that the valid and relevant questions she had prepared before the interview were important in her success.
PSGCNJ training provided Denisha with valuable tips on how to sell herself and how to use CAR (Challenge, Action, Result) stories. She advises job seekers to work on their CAR stories which were important during her interviews because “they help to highlight your achievements to potential employers and distinguish you from other applicants.”
Denisha started at PNC Bank on February 2nd. We wish her great success there!

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