HIRED LEARNING: Eric Schwartz – How I Managed my Successful Search

By Eric Schwartz
While job loss and being in transition can be emotional, it can also be a way to find one’s inner strengths. After several months of searching, I am proud to say my diligent job search paid off. I am now an employee of JerseyStaffing.com and serve as a contractor for Merck as an IT Project Coordinator. The position started on April 19th, 2012, and I’ve been working for over a month.
I am very grateful for PSGCNJ’s help to me and so many others searching for jobs. PSGCNJ’s many programs, and the people that run them, made all the difference in keeping my job search moving forward. Committee work kept my skills current and provided the opportunity to learn new ones. I served on the Technology, Job Fair and Co-Chairs committees including two leadership positions. One of my forwarded leads helped get another PSGCNJ member a position.
JerseyStaffing.com contacted me in January with a position that was not a match. I kept my attitude positive by accepting that not every opportunity would fit me. I followed up monthly with JerseyStaffing.com and other recruiters, demonstrating my active interest in working for their clients. They kept their eyes open for opportunities that would make us both prosper.
My hiring process consisted of three interviews before I received an offer. The first conversation was with the recruiter, followed by a phone interview on Good Friday of all days, with four managers. The following Monday I was asked to interview in-person with these four managers. I prepared for each interview by reviewing CAR stories illustrating how I could help them succeed and achieve their goals. I was prepared on the big day with CAR stories, resume, references, formal business attire, and a positive attitude. I followed up every interview with thank you letters which included records of successes.
My recommendations for PSGCNJ members:

  1. Stay positive: it shows.
  2. Be prepared and ready at all times with a powerful resume and CAR stories.
  3. Volunteer and stay current.
  4. Take advantage of PSGCNJ’s resume and mock interview sessions.
  5. If your plan is not working, seek and be open to feedback.
  6. Network, network, network.

Regards and Best of Luck!

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