HIRED LEARNING: Michael Davidian’s Positive Attitude Pays Off

By Cynthia Lewis
Michael Davidian—who holds a degree in Accounting from Monmouth University—has landed a temporary position as an Internal Auditor at the New Jersey Motor Vehicles Department. Michael served as co-chairperson of PSGCNJ’s Opportunity Center committee and worked tirelessly on a number of PSGCNJ Job Fairs.
When asked how he landed his current position, Michael gave the following advice: “I landed this opportunity through persistence and working as a contractor for nine years. I never gave up, going to yet another ‘ho hum’ job fair because I always saw job fairs as possibilities. I never thought that it was imperative for me to look and sound perfect; I just needed to be myself because I am a great person. I’ve been good all my life, helping friends and family. The core of yourself comes through, even in these difficult times. I believe in destiny and that everything happens for a reason. What you’re supposed to do and be will eventually happen. Keep a positive attitude. Don’t think it’s the end of the world. Just look at the papers: there are a lot harder situations that everyone faces, every day. So, be good to one another, always.”
Michael’s advice reflects who he is and what he brought to PSGCNJ in his time with the organization: Always be positive! Always be yourself! Always help others! Job Fairs are not necessarily the pits!

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