HIRED LEARNING: Nancy Stober-McCarthy Gave Until She Received

By Kenneth Hitchner 
Nancy Stober-McCarthy found herself mired in transition for more than two years. During that time, she worked three temporary positions at two different companies. Yet, there was no full-time permanent position for her when the contracts expired.
Once again, she found herself with more questions than answers: Why don’t I have a job? When will this end?
“There must be some reason — something that I must learn — to go through this process for so long,” Nancy wondered out loud.
And then, the answer found her. Some people refer to it as the “Law of Reciprocity.” Others call it fate. Simply put, Nancy learned that there really is a direct correlation between giving and receiving — and after giving for so long, she was now on the receiving end.
In 2010, Nancy joined PSGCNJ and volunteered for the Training Committee. She also worked on the organization’s first job fair, where she served as liaison with host site, Raritan Valley Community College. “PSGCNJ gave us purpose to keep going each week,” she said.
Nancy also made sure to bring a positive attitude and a willingness to work because she realized that “volunteering” is synonymous with “networking.”
In 2011, however, Nancy decided to give even more and volunteered at the American Red Cross. At a Red Cross event, Nancy met a former PSGCNJ member who worked with her on the 2010 Job Fair. And the former member set Nancy up with an interview at her employer, biotech GENEWIZ.
During the interview, the hiring manager asked Nancy for specifics about her involvement on PSGCNJ projects and initiatives. And on January 25, 2012, Nancy was named Human Resources Administrator at GENEWIZ.
“Even if I didn’t land my job, thanks to PSGCNJ,” she says, “my time with the volunteer group still would have been a very positive experience. This organization is a viable networking avenue that provides a work environment, which can lead to positive references. Get involved and be supportive of others at PSGCNJ.”

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