HIRED LEARNING: PSGCNJ Service Helps Priscilla Easley Land

By Frances Chaves
Priscilla Easley landed as Senior Administrative/Executive Assistant with a New Jersey company after a more than two-year search.
We all know Priscilla, who greeted everyone with a smile who attended a PSGCNJ General Membership Meeting during that two-year period. She served on the Administration Committee, which is the only committee mandated by PSGCNJ’s bylaws. Often Priscilla was the only member of that committee!
Priscilla’s service to PSGCNJ included representing the organization with the First United Methodist Church, making certain that the necessary rooms were available and prepared for our meetings. As the liaison with the Department of Labor, Priscilla delivered monthly reports on PSGCNJ activities. She facilitated the co-Chairs meetings and maintained and oversaw the distribution of PSGCNJ’s funds.
Priscilla said that she found the job opportunity through networking in-person and online research. Her committee service was an important factor in her hiring. It kept her skills fresh and up-to-date. She noted that her new employer checked all the information she supplied before bringing her on board so she recommends that the information you provide be accurate and up-to-date.
She recommends that job-seekers keep their attention focused on the job search.
Good luck Priscilla! We miss you!

What you can do:

  • Attend the Monday 10:30 AM PSGCNJ General Membership meetings at First United Methodist Church (Basement Meeting Hall), 48 West High Street, Somerville. Speakers are listed in this newsletter and at www.PSGCNJ.org: click on “Professional” at the top of the page, then on “Newsletter” in the left column.
  •  Take a Career Beacon job-search workshop on topics such as networking, résumé writing and self-management skills. Sign-up at the DoL (Department of Labor) or contact Somerville One-Stop Center at 908-704-3000.
  • Schedule a one-on-one résumé review meeting by emailing your résumé to PSGCNJ_advresume@yahoo.com. Receive feedback from your peers on the Career Training Committee, which meets at the DoL Building in Somerville.
  • Join the Transition Management Team (TMT) to support your job search. TMT meets at 9 a.m. on the second and fourth Mondays before the General Membership Meeting. Contact Emmanuel “Manny” Inyang from the DoL for more information.
  • JOIN A COMMITTEE! It looks great on your résumé; it gives you something good to talk about in your interview; it’s a great way to network; and PSGCNJ needs your support.

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