HIRED LEARNING: Rosanne Sellinger Lands Her “Dream Job”

PSG Member Lands Her “Dream Job” 
By Judy Baliman 
This Success Story demonstrates how powerful PSG membership can be. It starts back in March when Rosanne Sellinger attended the five-day training session and sat next to a fellow student who, by chance, just happened to be me. We quickly became friends and shared job-hunting tips and suggestions over the next few weeks. When I saw an opportunity for a marketing analyst with SAS experience, I quickly forwarded the job description to Rosanne, who followed up immediately.
Using the skills she learned during training, Rosanne aced her phone interviews and was invited for an in-person interview—with a twist. Beside traditional faceto- face interviews (with four people), the company asked Rosanne to prepare a sample presentation to give during an interview. Rosanne and I reviewed the first draft of the presentation, but agreed that it needed more. And we knew just the person to help—Jim Lawenda, a PSG member who had had industry experience.
Jim graciously agreed to review the material (twice!) and made suggestions that brought the presentation to the “next level.” Things were really coming together. Rosanne was almost ready for the big day, but there was one more important step.
Rosanne contacted Charley Nasta of the Mock Interview Team and scheduled a session for the day before her actual interview. Fellow team members Bill Glancy and Jack Hansen reviewed the job description prior to the session and conducted a realistic mock interview. The next day, Rosanne was ready to impress her future employer. She brought her presentation and two secret weapons to the interview: A recent PSG speaker had advised us to bring recommendation letters and performance appraisals to the interview. It turned out to be excellent advice, as the hiring manager was extremely impressed.
The prospective employer was also impressed with Rosanne’s knowledge and professionalism, all of which resulted in an offer for a full time position at—you guessed it—her dream job. “The skills and techniques I learned during the training session and weekly meetings were very helpful to me as a candidate,” said Rosanne. “I sincerely appreciate the help from everyone at PSG and encourage others to participate in this valuable organization.”
Editor’s note: This account was originally written in anticipation of the launch of Transitions to Success. It is interesting to note that, in the short time since its writing, most of the people mentioned in the article, including the author, have landed—yet another testament to the power of PSG membership, networking, and support. -RA

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