HIRED LEARNING: Sarah Schexnayder – Be Open to All Opportunities

Edited by David Pastore 
After seven months in transition, I landed! My current job is a contract role with Resources Global Professionals where I am on an assignment at PSEG in Newark.
Resources is moving into the compensation area and had a role identified but no one with a compensation background on their bench.  A former colleague recommended me to their recruiter.  The interview process went very quickly—within a week of the first call, I had interviewed with the agency and with PSEG, and been identified for the role.  The background check took a couple of weeks.
My advice to others is to be open to all opportunities.  When I started my search, I was only considering permanent positions within an easy commute of Somerset County.  At the six month mark, it was time to review my criteria.   I had been leery of applying to jobs which involved a commute into Newark.  Taking the contract role has been a great way to test out the commute and see what it’s like working in Newark. I’m enjoying the work and the commute into Newark isn’t as bad as I thought.
We’ve all heard that those who volunteer for committees, land. I had just volunteered to be a co-chair when this opportunity came up.  As a trainer with the Training Committee, I conducted mock interviews and resume reviews, a very valuable experience. After sitting on the other side of the table and reviewing with a critical eye and ear, I would take what I saw and revise my resume or responses to interview questions.  Thanks to all of you who gave me the opportunity to help myself as I helped you.
PSGCNJ has been a great resource for me. The meetings were a great opportunity to learn what was working and not working for others, in addition to some good information from the speakers.  I found the Transition Management Team valuable to keep me on track and motivated.   Being part of the group helped to keep my spirits up and maintain a positive attitude.

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