HIRED LEARNING: Simon Stark Says Network

By Pamela Williams
Networking, Networking, Networking. Today’s job market requires one to use many job strategies to land a next opportunity. Networking is one of the strategies.
At first, some of us maybe a little skeptical because we do not see the value of incorporating this into our job search. However, Simon Stark can attest to the value of networking.
During one of the PSG networking sessions, Simon spoke with a fellow member about his business skills and his 14 months job search. This member reached out to a friend in human resources at Cooper Notification – a division of Cooper Industries. After a few calls, Simon went in for a face-to-face interview. Simon’s landing was 100% networking. He did not apply for this position. In fact, he had no direct experience. He said it was all about his transferable skills from previous roles.
How did PSGCNJ help Simon? “PSGCNJ was invaluable, but only because I volunteered,” Simon insisted. “My work on the Training Committee sharpened my job hunting skills. Working as a Co-Chair helped me keep my business skills sharp, and ultimately led to the lead to this job. Overall, the networking at PSG made me more outgoing and self-confident.”
“Working with small groups, where we focused on key job search strategies, and where we all understood what we were looking for so that we could send each other solid leads really helped,” Simon explained. “I was also in an accountability group that helped keep me focused during down times.”
Simon suggests that PSG members use the general meetings as a way of getting to know one another. “Connect with a small group to share solid job leads and keep each other accountable,” Simon offered. “And spend time volunteering, both with PSG and other organizations, because it makes you feel good. Volunteering can be used in an interview, and enables people to see your professional and personal skills. Most importantly, stay positive. Or, at least fake it in public.”

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