HIRED LEARNING: Vicky Pannicke – Keep Active

By Frances Chaves
Vicky Pannicke, PMP, recently landed a position in project management through Xsell Resources with Avaya. She had been actively looking since late September.
PSGCNJ training contributed in a number of ways to Vicky’s success. “The courses helped me organize my thoughts while interviewing which made me stand out from other candidates,” she said. Most of all, PSGCNJ helped build her confidence and motivated her to keep searching actively. Vicky changed her résumé style based on what she learned from Alex Freund at http://landingexpert.com/, which is the same résumé writing technique taught by PSGCNJ. Posting her new résumé on DICE generated the most calls from recruiters. A recruiter contacted Pannicke about the position with Avaya. The hiring process involved a phone interview before a face-to-face meeting.
Vicky’s recommendations for job searchers are: “Be active and do not think too much about the job search. However, always make yourself available for any interview.”
Way to go, Vicky! We wish her lots of success at Avaya.

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