How are you Investing in yourself?

Written By Abby Yisrael

Your development starts when you get curious on how to level up and grow to that next level of understanding and expertise in a specific area. To get to that “next level” you may want to Invest in personal development, through further education, therapy or acquiring new emotional intelligence (EQ) skills. It’s a point in your maturity where you acknowledge that you may be at your personal organic limit in your understanding and growth in key areas of your personal development.

For me that was growing in my faith, I felt stuck and I felt I was not growing in how I lived my day-to-day life. I took a friends’ advice to take a course at a bible college, not knowing what to expect. It was life changing and eye opening. I had to face some mask and ways about myself I carried for various reasons. I had to literally get to know myself, understanding who I was and not who I thought I was. It brought me to reality and to acknowledge I was ready for a change. I knew I needed to change to truly live up to my potential and get to truly know and trust God.

Professional development may be a bit easier to pursue and much easier to identify. For example, if you want a promotion you look up the qualifications and begin working on them. You may need to put yourself out there and take on projects that highlight your expertise. You may also pursue further education or certifications needed in your specific industry. The bottom line is: You invest your time and effort(s) to grow in specific areas, to improve your marketability, knowledge, and skill(s) professionally.

Currently, I’m participating in a career cohort and taking leadership webinars. My goal is to learn more and surround myself with growth-minded people. I have been putting myself “out there” and stepping out of my comfort zone, stepping out of my bubble. To do so I had to adjust my mindset, as I mentioned I’m also working on my faith in God and my faith in myself and my abilities. This is a part of the growth mindset, getting out of my fixed mindset and pursuing and believing that I can do more. If you don’t invest in you, you are saying you’re ok with staying where you are. I know “i can’t stop and won’t stop” working on me, what about you?

About  am a people leader experienced in management onboarding and training. Specialized in developing new managers and employees to their next level.

 Are you looking for a leader to uphold an inclusive employee experience? Providing the tools and resources employees need, allows them to do their best work. Along with creating a clear employee career roadmap to support employees’ growth and career advancement.

I have a passion for problem-solving, people development, employee growth and engagement. I’m well organized with strong attention to detail and ownership as a project manager. Developing and creating practical training resources has been my core focus as a people leader.

Having over 12 years’ experience, leading retail and supply chain operations has allowed me to grow large and small, multi-million-dollar business and their leadership teams. I have developed a strong bench of talent on those teams, through effective training, coaching & mentoring.

I am looking to Leverage my management background, along with my organization, problem-solving and communication skills in a growth-based role. Helping an organization with its employee lifecycle needs. As businesses become more dynamic and inclusive of employee needs, being involved in the shaping of that culture is where I’d like to be.

About The Author

Abby Yisrael is currently on a personal sabbatical as she focuses on pivoting into roles that focus on training and development. Her over 12 years’ experience leading retail and supply chain operations has allowed her to grow large and small, multi-million-dollar business and their leadership teams. She has also developed a strong bench of talent on those teams through effective training, coaching and mentoring.