How can IMPROV help me on-the-job or in the job-search?

Improvisation or Improv, is not about learning how to become quick-witted….it’s about learning how to build something tangible out of nothing or out of turmoil.

Does this sound like what you’re trying to do, whether you’re searching for your next job or developing a solution for a project in your present position.

One of the most important skills an employer looks for is critical decision-making. The ability to make those key decisions in the course of the day that keeps the business process flowing effectively.

An Improv setting gives you opportunity after opportunity to do just that—make a quick decision and face the consequences over and over and over again.

Where else can you practice continual decision-making in a dynamic environment without judgement and without the consequences having any long-lasting effects (except for maybe an insight or two)?

IMPROV-ing leads to IMPROVing!

The results of practicing Improv can be both amazing and surprising. It helps to address those blind-spots we have that we are unaware of. 

Other benefits:

– Think more quickly on your feet. 

– Learn to listen more effectively

– Improve your communication style

– Inspire your inner creativity

Victor S. Manganaro will be the guest speaker on Monday September 28th at PSGCNJ where he will lead an abridged version of his Communication-Improv workshop.

Don’t miss it!

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Speaker BIO:

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Victor’s passion and purpose is about teaching people new skills and inspiring them to exceed their potential. It is with this purpose that gave birth to the Improv for Effective Business Communication Workshop in 2013.  From the first time he stepped onto an Improv stage, other players who studied under Second City recognized his unique Improv talents and ability. 

He leads various versions of his Improv workshop to fit the needs of his audience (job-seekers, singles, those looking to improve communication skills, helping to find one’s authentic voice, finding your life’s purpose and team-building for business).

Victor has spent most of his career creating and presenting training and educational material, typically for the systems and products he developed. At PSGCNJ, he has hosted monthly meetings, redesigned and facilitated ACT training, and performed IT and marketing functions.

Currently, he is working at a Technical Services Company, performing a variety of functions, including technical writing, blogging and social media strategy. He is a graduate of NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering.

For more information, go to: or

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