How do I land? – the Double Entendre

By Barbara Peronehow do i land

Would you hire a professional skywriter to use the wild blue yonder as his canvass and write the ultimate question on the lips of every job seeker – “How do I land?”
Two months ago, a pilot/comedian wrote the message “How do I land?” across the skies of Los Angeles. Only he was talking about landing a plane, not a job. If you are currently unemployed in today’s sluggish economy, you may have been thinking to yourself –what a double entendre!
Turns out, the whole thing was actually a prank. It was pulled off by pilot/comedian Kurt Braunohler, who later reported in his Tumblr blog that the sky message lasted only 20 minutes before vanishing.
Talk of the prank resurfaced recently when Robyn Von Swank uploaded an actual photo of the sky message to Reddit’s image hosting site, Imgur. To see the whole thing live, go to YouTube and enter skywriting pilot asks how do I land?
How did the prank begin? It all started when the pilot/comedian launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for an “incredibly idiotic stunt.” Backers donated $6,820 towards the cost and Braunohler asked them to vote on which message they wanted to see written across the California sky. After the most appropriate question (“How do I land?”) won, the comedian hosted a party at an LA rooftop bar for supporters so they could watch him skywrite the now-famous message.
Here’s the real question: Could we hire this guy to skywrite that same question over the skies of New Jersey so all the recruiters, hiring managers, and companies could see it and perhaps give us the definitive answer?

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