How My Shoppe Helped Me Cope with Job Search

We all know how tough job search can be, especially in the midst of a pandemic.  To get through it, I believe we all need a support system, resources to help us, and most importantly, something else to think about and focus on that brings us joy.

For me that something else is the brick and mortar shoppe, Iggie’s Curiosity Shoppe, I run with my husband.  We carry all kinds of collectibles, vintage items, fun stuff, handcrafted clay jewelry, art, and photography.  “We have the stuff you never knew you wanted!”

As a non-essential business, we were forced to close in March and weren’t allowed to reopen until July.  During that time, groups like PSGCNJ really helped keep me sane and positive and helped me feel connected. Thanks to the support I’ve received in my networking groups, I am now confident that I will find my dream job!

I try to look at the pandemic and quarantine as a positive, because I found PSGCNJ’s virtual meetings.  Since I’m in northern NJ, I probably wouldn’t have traveled to attend the in-person meetings, so this gave me the opportunity to take the invaluable (and free!) ACT (Accelerated Career Training) classes and forge relationships with my fellow classmates that I hope will continue for years to come.  I commend everyone who teaches the classes and is on the training team for providing amazing learning opportunities.

So, when I’m not looking for a job, I can be found at Iggie’s, my happy place, pricing items, talking to customers, taking pictures, and creating Instagram posts. Having the shoppe has really helped me stay positive by giving me something else to focus on other than my job search.

What is your “something else” that helps you stay positive?

About the author: Nancy E. Aronson is a software development professional with over 30 years of experience creating software, making business processes more efficient through automation, and finding those pesky hard to find defects. In addition, Nancy paints abstracts, makes colorful polymer clay jewelry (including the Star Trek comm badge pins shown in her background photo), and enjoys supporting live music and comedy.

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