How to Job Hunt When You’ve Been Away from the Workforce

By Suzy Kedzierskiquestion-mark
Stan Robinson, Jr., marketing and social media consultant, LinkedIn expert, and recent speaker to the PSGCNJ organization, has shared an article by Lindsey Pollak, which gives five tips and numerous examples of how to position yourself to potential employers when you’ve been out of work for a long while.
In it, Pollak cites the “five Es” – Explanation, Experience, Education, Endorsement and Engagement – and explains, in detail, how to use these tools to your advantage to dispel any doubts the hiring manager or recruiter may have about why you’ve been out of work, and what value you can bring to the table.
To read the complete article, which appeared on March 19, 2013 on the official LinkedIn website blog, see this link. And thanks to Stan of SHR Marketing ( ) for keeping us in mind!

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