How to Spot a “Bad” Boss During a Job Interview

boss-devil-539__1313530248_1523-1By Robert Corio, Jr.

Have you ever been hired by a company where you think you’re a perfect fit for the job and that you and the boss would mesh with instantly, only to find that the boss is very hard to work with? This does happen and it is something you cannot always predict. However, there are things you can observe during the job interview that may help you spot a potential “jerk” boss.

Recently, I visited and read How To Spot A Jerk Boss During An Interview by Gaya Harout. The article identified potential signs that an individual may be a challenging boss. Be on your guard if the manager:

Is too nice to you.
Does not listen, i.e., checks cell phone or laptop too often, or does not ask if you have any questions about the position.
Takes all the credit, for example, talks about how he or she “magically” reinvented the company or went from employing only one person to hiring over 100 people.
Bad-mouths subordinates and other job seekers.
Has a huge workspace. The more excessive the office space, the tougher the boss will be. If your future boss’ desk is as wide as your bathroom, it is a sign that he or she treats that space like a palace.
Has an office that gives you déjà vu. If the office you step into resembles the office of a past boss who you did not get along with, that is a sign that you may have trouble working with this individual. For example, the person may have the same paintings in her office or organize her desk the same way as your former “bad” boss did.

So, before you go on your next job interview, take a few moments and re-read this list so you can spot some of the signs of a difficult boss before accepting a position.

If anyone out there has any other suggestions about how to spot a jerky boss, please contact me.

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