In Transition with a Mission

By Lori Peterson, Editorial Columnist
Happy New Year!
The job search process has changed dramatically from the way it was years ago, before the advent of the internet, websites, social media and social-media networking.
As professionals in a state of transition, Professional Service Group members can relate to each other. We’ve experienced the vagaries of the job market, the downturns in the economy, and the various emotions associated with job loss.
However, think about what we can gain. In some eastern cultures, the word “crisis” means “opportunity.” Reframe every situation; perceive it as an opportunity for positive change and personal or professional development. Find the treasures in your trials, and develop proactive ways of coping. Take positive steps to improve and transform your life and the lives of others. For some, this may be a time to explore new career paths, reassess goals, develop new skills, or reconnect with friends and former colleagues. Develop a career-oriented mission statement or objective, and create a marketing plan. Spread the word about your qualifications and accomplishments to a myriad of people. Practice your “elevator pitch.” The more you speak about what you’ve accomplished and where you’re headed career-wise, the more confident you will become about what you can contribute. Face-to-face conversations can help prepare you for interviews and boost your confidence.
Participation in the Professional Service Group can be a wonderful opportunity to enhance your skills and abilities, learn and share ideas, and meet job seekers from a plethora of career paths. Through participation in committees, meetings, and training sessions, one can meet various people and develop positive connections. Networking, forging connections for mutual benefit, is an integral part of the job search process. Think of the inner gifts, skills and abilities you can offer to potential employers in the job marketplace. Be helpful to other job seekers, and show that you value and appreciate the wealth of experience and talent that they bring to the table. Choose to count your blessings and be a blessing.
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