By Maureen Koenen, Co-Chair, Marketing Committee
This column will provide a friendly reminder on avoiding common mistakes in the interviewing process.
First impressions count. How many times have you heard that? Sometimes we don’t realize what image we are creating. Avoid negative comments before the interview begins (for ex: how much traffic there was, difficulty finding the location, kids were sick, etc.). Why start your first meeting with any negativity? Find something positive to speak about (for ex: the weather, the office interior, or how easy it was to get to the interview). The most important thing is starting out positive.
Stay out of the “WOULDS.” Typically in an interview, the interviewer may pose a difficult scenario and ask how you would have handled it. Avoid saying, “I would have…” Instead, take a moment and recall something that may be very similar to the situation described and detail how you actually handled it. The advantage is you are highlighting your actual strengths and not second guessing how the interviewer wanted you to answer. Of course, the key is practicing these answers before the interview.
What are your future career plans? This may be a challenge for those either near retirement, or have been in transition for so long, all you can focus on is today. Or, you may not have confidence in developing a 5 to 10 year plan. Just take control and state that your goal is to use a career opportunity to make a contribution to the organization and help the company reach its mission statement or revenue/customer service goals. Finally drive the point that throughout your employment tenure you want to continually grow professionally and develop new skills that will enhance your job performance.
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