JibberJobber Helps You Organize Job Info

By Barbara Peroneorganize
Keeping track of everything related to your job search can be a daunting, time consuming task and can become a job in itself.
Many job hunters use Excel spreadsheets for this unpleasant, but necessary, little chore, but even that can be tricky due to the variables. For example, some job postings contain Job ID numbers, others don’t; some have a contact name and email address, others don’t.
The list goes on and on and the tediousness of it all can force you to give up and do nothing. Why can’t somebody just invent a faster, easier organizational tool for job hunters? They did –it’s called JibberJobber and it’s been around since 2006.
Not to be confused with the slang term jibber jabber, which refers to incessant, idle chatter, JibberJobber is actually a tool that helps active job seekers store, track, and organize job search/career management information, networking/headhunter contacts all in one place.
It even provides a private setting to collect information from social networking sites like: LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also use it to import contacts from any system that exports to a csv file, such as: CardScan, Outlook, Gmail, etc.
Visit www.jibberjobber.com for details about opening a free account. To upgrade to a silver, or premium, account it will cost you a few dollars a month. But, the nice thing about JibberJabber is that you can upgrade from a free account to a paid account then downgrade back to the free account without losing any of your data.

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