Jim Grady Lands Product Marketing Consulting Job

by a PSGCNJ Contributorgrady6-casual1Having a positive attitude, remaining confident in your abilities & diligent in your efforts are all necessary ingredients to getting a position in today’s tight job market, according to PSGCNJ member, Jim Grady.
After being out of work for ten months, in early May, Jim landed a job as a Product Marketing Consultant with EarthLink Business. And, an update to his LinkedIn profile, coupled with sending a broadcast to his network, may have actually helped Jim land this new gig. Apparently, the update alerted a former colleague that he was still looking for work. And, once an opportunity arose at that colleague’s company, he recommended Jim for the position.
Jim says the hiring process for his new job was relatively simple. Since he had worked with this particular hiring manager before, he had a brief telephone conversation with her. After that, he forwarded his résumé to the hiring manager, who forwarded it to the consulting company that was going to hire him. The consulting firm sent Jim some paperwork, he filled it out. And, that’s all it took!
While it had been 30 years since Jim actually had to go out and look for a new job, he admits he wasn’t quite sure how to go about it, nor did he realize what kind of resources were available to help him in his search. Obviously, he discovered one very important resource — PSGCNJ!
Though Jim admits it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what actually helped him land this new position, he says things really started to happen once he was able to pull together everything he learned through PSGCNJ, where he found a group of dedicated professionals, whose members provided him with:

  • support,
  • general encouragement,
  • an opportunity to sharpen his skills,
  • access to resources, and
  • a network.

As a member of PSGCNJ’s Training Committee, Jim says he also learned a lot from our Accelerated Career Training (ACT) program and learned how to deliver & update material while working with his committee. Even though he knows he will always be in job search mode and he’ll have to continue networking, Jims says he will always keep in touch with fellow PSGCNJ members, whom he refers to as “a great bunch of people!”

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