John Patten Lands as a Technical Writer for DPT Labs

By Rita WilliamsJohn Patten

In early July, John Patten began a new position as a technical writer for DPT Labs. He had been in transition for six months.

His transition story reflects the importance of pursuing leads through networking. John attended the NJ Talent Network job fair. A day afterward, he was contacted by the DPT’s Human Resources director. A panel interview — and then a new job — followed.

John credits PSGCNJ’s training for his success: “It gave me new tools for my job search, thanks to the ACT class, and also helped me keep my skills sharp. Then there’s the whole ‘networking’ thing — PSG is a great group of people whom I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and look forward to building deeper friendships with.”

Does John have any advice for current job-seekers? Yes — advice very related to the methods he used successfully. “Staying active in PSG helps you stay upbeat and busy,” he notes, “which isn’t always easy when the job search drags on! Also, expanding your circle of business associates and connections can only help strengthen your chance of finding a great job.”

Best of luck to John in his new position!

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