Land a Job Utilizing the Skills Developed in Transition – Terrence Seamon Tells You How

By Rita Williams  terrance seamon

Those in transition to a new job often use examples from the past. Our interview strategies center on past achievements and our resumes display past positions. At the same time, we also focus on the future, thinking of how to get the job we want. However, according to writer and consultant Terrence Seamon, the present — the transition itself — can also provide opportunities for significant achievements and capabilities. To learn more, be sure to attend PSGCNJ’s general meeting on Monday, March 10 to hear Seamon’ss talk, Leadership Lessons from the Transition Zone.

As Seamon points out, being in transition is a special learning opportunity, where job seekers can find out a great deal about both change and being a leader.  Leadership is essentially about making change happen.  Leadership in business has been defined as the capacity to turn vision into reality.  Well, day in and day out, job hunters are selling their brand to potential employers with the aim of producing a job offer. They are turning a vision into reality.

Job hunters, in Seamon’s terms, are “transitionists” — people who are adept at riding the waves of change.  The current business climate is full of change.  As a result, mastering the art of change and transition can be a key element in selling yourself to potential employers.  Seamon’s talk is designed to ensure that you effectively present the strengths developed during your period of transition.

Terrence Seamon brings more than 30 years of extensive business experience to management training and organization development consulting.  As Principal and Senior Consultant with Facilitation Solutions, his main practice areas are leadership development training and career transition facilitation. He is also active in social media, as founder and moderator of The Heart of Meaningful Work (a social network on LinkedIn dedicated to facilitating worldwide conversations about finding greater fulfillment at work) and as a blogger on Here We Are. Now What? The job search columnist for, Seamon is the author of three self-published books:  To Your Success, Lead the Way, and Change for the Better.

Prior to Facilitation Solutions, Seamon was the Portfolio Manager for Management & Leadership Development programs at the American Management Association (AMA), one of the largest worldwide corporate training and development organizations. He has also held various internal consulting roles in training and organization development in the energy, pharmaceutical, and telecommunications industries. 

Bring a friend and come hear Seamon speak at PSGCNJ’s general meeting on Monday, March 10, from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., at the First United Methodist Church, located at 48 West High Street, Somerville.

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PSGCNJ general meetings are always free and open to the public. If you can’t make it to this meeting, visit our website for information about upcoming events.

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